Bands This Month

Post date: Nov 06, 2015 3:43:14 AM


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6: HANDEL: These classic and party rock cover specialists play a nice mix of your favorites

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7: THE MOONDOGS: Folksy alternative pop and rock from a talented group of seasoned musicians.

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10: FAHAD & KELLY: Our monthly visit from our favorite acoustic duo plays a variety of rock hits.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13: GEARHEAD: These local rockers have a heavy punk influence, and always put on a nice show.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14: WHITE OLEANDER: A return visit from the local alternative outfit specializing in “cellocore.”

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20: STRANGE COINCIDENCE: This Bethlehem-based alternative rock outfit is back for another fun filled night.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21: THE GROOVE MERCHANTS: This local blues, rock and funk band is making their Brew debut.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27: MID-LIFE CRISIS: A fun filled night of your favorite party rock hits from this local rock band.

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 28: SCOTT MARSHALL: A very special fundraiser evening from this local Americana artist and his full band, right here in his own back yard.