Bands This Month

Post date: Jan 02, 2015 6:35:0 PM


FRIDAY JANUARY 2: OFF THE ROAD: Mix one of the area’s top lead guitarists with two musicians from nationally touring acts, and you have the recipe for an insane show!

SATURDAY JANUARY 3: MIKE FRANK & FRIENDS: Taking inspiration from all the classic jam bands, these guys are making a return visit with the full band this time.

FRIDAY JANUARY 9: THE SEMI-ORIGINALS: The songs you know and love with a twsit of punk rock, this band is making their Brew debut.

SATURDAY JANUARY 10: KARMIC REPAIR COMPAMY: A feel-good, hip shaking classic rock dance party. These guys had an unbelievable show last time.

TUESDAY JANUARY 13: FAHAD & KELLY: The monthly visit from our favorite acoustic duo, they play a variety of your favorites.

FRIDAY JANUARY 16: STRANGE COINCIDENCE: A return visit from one of our favorite local alternative rock outfits.

SATURDAY JANUARY 17: JTB: This classic rock cover band brought quite a nice crowd last time, and are back fo another round of your favorite classic hits.

FRIDAY JANUARY 23: LOU FRANCO PROJECT: One of the area’s premiere power trios cover a wide range of sub-genres of rock and roll.

SATURDAY JANUARY 24: COLD FIRE: Quality rock covers from this up-and-coming all-star group featuring members of various former local acts.

FRIDAY JANUARY 30: TROUBLE CITY ALL-STARS: Bethlehem’s reggae boys are back for another night of smooth reggae rhythms.

SATURDAY JANUARY 31: DECOY CLONES: These guys specialize in some of the deeper classic rock cuts not normally played by other classic cover bands.